The Sweetest Things

The Sweetest Things
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hashida's New Haircut

Last week, I took the chance to cut my girl, Hashida's hair. Her hair was big, long and curly that I don't think it suits her chubbiness.. This is what her hair used to look like

After birth...

And this was a year later..(1 year old)

A year after the above picture..(2 years old)

And another year passed..(3 years old)

So, her hair grown so fast as well as her body. Since she never wanted her hair to be tied or to be put any accessories on them, I decided to just cut her hair. Before this, I just asked my aunt to cut or trim her hair. When I thought that her house is quite far from our place, so I just brought Hashida to a hair saloon near Emart Matang.

This is how Hashida looked like befor her hair was cut...

I was a bit afraid that she might cry or insisted to get down of the chair, but anak mama was behaving very good that day. She said she wanted to look pretty. That's my baby :).. the hairdresser blowed her hair and made her look pretty and cute and cut her hair with chinadoll style.

This was her after cut-the-hair session..

She asked, "cantik tak?" to my husband and I. Well, ofcourse she looked adorable and cute! She was very happy with her hairstyle and smiled all the way out of the hair saloon. I must give a credit to the hairdresser because being very passion along the session. A hairdresser to me has to has that credibility and can stand customers behaviours.. So, out we went after paying RM16 for Hashida and my haircuts.. cheap eh??

After just one week, this was what her hair looked like.. :P

Hashida was posing with Hashimi, her little brother. It's ok honey. Mama loves you eternally no matter how your hair looks like <3 p="p">


Miss Azie Cheng said...

haha!!!! mamacu pun sama.. cayangg shida no matter how big or how thin her hair is.. :D

Christine L. Andre said...

It's ok she grows up she will naturally know how to style her hair. She will be a pretty just see.

By the to follow your blog? I don't see any follow button.

Please visit my blog back ok.

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