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The Sweetest Things
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

middle nite blogger...

all of a sudden tonight i am eager to update my blog. maklum la dah berkulapuk...jadi last time i remember i updated my blog was around august this year. dari beranak sorang, sekarang dah ada two beautiful and adorable bundle of joy.. how time flies..

during my 2 years plus of being a parent, there are ups and downs...but i think that's pretty normal la. no down, how can we go up??? especially when my children were sick, ill or most terrible of all admitted to hospital. and i think all of the things i went through gave me A++ experiences for me. so, it's fair if i share the experiences so at least parents out there can avoid bad things to come.


my daughter, 2 years, 6months and 23 days to date. she's been a good girl since she was born. she never gave me hard times. she woke up at 8 every morning. she slept at 8 every night. no trouble at all. except that she got this skin problem maybe due to environment (or maybe i-hate-to-admit-this because of my overconsume of soybean milk during my pregnancy). we went to the specialist, we changed formula milk and at last we found this cream; elomet

but this cream is not highly recommended especially for babies because it contains steroids. so, i just used this cream when necessary only. when she reached one year old, miraclely her skin problem stopped! but then, she started to get fever every month. but, some people say that it's good for babies to have fever because that's the way their body fights bad things in their bodies. so, when she was 1year and 6months old, she got high fever and dehydrated. she didn't want to eat but she still able to have milk. but the main problem is, whenever she had milk, she threw up and that made her dehydrated. so, she was admitted to hospital and being dripped and monitored by doctors. the doctors advised not to have milk. give her whatever, snacks, syrups, porridge or anything but milk. i tried but she refused to have anything but milk! 2 days later, i think she gave up. she requested for 'bo-bo' which means porridge and she ate half bowl. i was relieved and she was discharged later evening. Phew!! that is quite an experience dont u think? after that, shida was healthy as ever... but now she's over healthy i must say. the nurses who did the check up to her early this month had categorized her as obese! one of the problem with obesity is to monitor her diet. how can u stop a child from eating? that's a bad habit i know but i dont think she's that obese considering her height. people always see her as a 4-yrs-old child. but whenever she opens her mouth to talk, people ask about her age. and to their surprise she's not even 3 yrs old!
that's it about to my baby boy

a friend of mine suggested me to put 'ramadhan' in my son's name since he was born in ramadhan (muslim's calendar). and so do my family. i like 'ramadhan' so why not put ramadhan in his name. it's a holy month then. well, enough said. let me tell you about my boy. since he was born he didnt get any other problems like his sister who got jaundice since day 1 (did i tell you that?). his MAIN problem is breathing. every time he breathed he couldnt get enough oxygen. when he was out of my womb, he didnt cry! he looked blue and pale and i sensed that he got this problem with breathing. and how right was i? the doctor said he got respiratory problem and have to be monitored and gave antibiotics. not again? his sister was admitted in paed ward since day 1 and not my son again? so, then, my baby boy was there in paed ward for 12 days. he was discharged on 23rd of august and on the 24th, my grandfather passed away.. how sad was that? the joy of having new member in the house was crushed with sad news like this. however, i know a good friend who experienced worst than this. cant imagine how she handle her feelings. mixed feeling, mixed, until he was 7month, nothing serious happened except for he had high fever when he was only 40 days old. he was soooo close to be admitted and God!! you just can't imagine my feelings that time. a few days after he was recovered, shida was admitted to hospital.. when shimi was 7 moths old, he got his first asthma attack. since then, every month he got neb atleast once. so, i tried this oil.. jerslin oil and white scott's emulsion. alhamdulillah, he was okay for nearly 3 months. but in november 2011, he was attacked AGAIN. i was really down that time. all i ever wish was for my boy to be healthy. it turned out that he got bronchitis and i realized that every cold weather, he'll have trouble breathing. he was admitted for 2 days and finally my hubby and i decided to buy the neb machine so we dont have to go to emergency every time shimi got trouble breathing.

ok, that's it. before i suffer backache i better stop. till then, see you when i got the mood to write!


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